Mayan Train

The Mayan Train is Coming: A New Way of Exploring the Yucatan Peninsula

Imagine a vacation where the entire Mayan world is at your grasp via a luxurious train; this is the future that is coming with the “Tren Maya” (the Mayan Train). A project of the Federal Government that will create a train system that connects the major cities, airports and archaeological sites of Southeastern Mexico. From Cancún to Palenque, the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean Sea, the Tren Maya will offer new and exciting ways of experiencing the Yucatan Peninsula with comfort and luxury.

With an average cruising speed of 130 km/h, the longest possible route on the train will be from Cancún to Palenque, which will last a little over 10 hours.

Not Just a Train, But a Whole Experience

The Tren Maya’s trains are being built by the Bombardier and Alstom conglomerate, who have presented three different trains, each one offering a unique experience.

Starting with Xiinbal, the passenger train. A standard passenger train to get you from point A to point B in comfort and style. This train will boast two types of cars; a first-class car, where passengers will enjoy more space between seats, only three sits per row and full panoramic windows to enjoy the view and the natural light. The other class, economy-class, features 4 seats per row, a little tighter than the others but still spacious and comfortable for the ride. Both classes can access onboard cafeterias. 

Janal, the culinary experience. To get from one adventure to the next and satiate your appetite at the same time. This train offers restaurant cars with tables for two or four guests and unique culinary experiences curated by five experienced regional chefs. Here you will get to enjoy meals traditional of the regions that the train visits as well as live music entertainment to compliment the experience.

P’atal, for the long haul. Here passengers enjoy the privacy of their own cabin, equipped for day or night with couches that turn into beds. Some cabins will also have their own in-room bathroom with shower. Not unlike Xiinbal, P’atal has onboard cafeterias. Everything you could need for a night of good rest and arriving refreshed to your next destination.

Mayan Train Route

From One Adventure to the Next

The Tren Maya will have 19 stations across four states, leaving every attraction in the region easily accesible. The flexibility and ease that this train will bring to your vacations will open up a myriad of new adventure oportunidad. Move across the Mayan world and Southeastern Mexico’s colonial cities with unprecedented ease. Getting from the Mexican Caribbean beaches to the archaeological sites and to the colonial cities has never been simpler; every time you get on and off this train you will be a few steps away from your next big adventure. 

Although the project is still under construction, worry not, they’re progressing on time to begin services in late 2023. Stay tuned for more updates as the project advances.

Aunque el proyecto aún se encuentra en construcción, está planeado que este nuevo y emocionante servicio empiece a operar a finales del 2023.

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