Punta Allen

Punta Allen. Unplug yourself from the world and reconnect with nature

Punta Allen is a heavenly secret, a hidden paradise in the Mayan Riviera

Leave the crowds of large resorts behind and discover Punta Allen, one of the best hidden places in the Mayan Riviera. Here you will reconnect with mother nature as you find a wildlife paradise, one which stretches over 1,300,000 hectares of land that includes: Mangrove swamps, rivers, unspoiled jungle and areas dedicated to fishing. Punta Allen is located right in the heart of the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an, only 180km away from the noisy tourist resort of Cancún.

Is it worth travelling for two and a half hours through a biosphere reserve to reach a fishing village?

The answer is yes! As soon you get there, you will find out that it was worth the effort. This place will reveal everything the Caribbean has to offer but in a more personal and relaxed way, far away from the crowds.

Punta Allen is a protected area and its powered by solar energy. Electricity is available between 10:30am to 14:30 during the day and between 18:30 to midnight, therefore you can rest and sleep in peace accompanied only by the sounds produced by nature. However, hotels in the area do have their own power plants with no interruption in this service. Please note that there is no telephone signal in this area, so your mobile phone will only be useful to take photographs and as a torch.

Accommodation is available in the rusticly-styled huts and wooden cabins close to the beach—just as you always dreamed your holidays would be. If you are an eco-tourist, then Punta Allen is the ideal destination for you, but even if you are not, this amazing place has the power to convert you. With its wonderful wildlife, including crocodiles, herons, dolphins and manatees, you can enjoy nature in all its glory in one of the largest reserves in the world.

But enjoying nature is not the only thing you can do here. This amazing place also offers other recreational activities, such as:

  • Water sports. Kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving and boat trips around the neighbouring beaches
  • Fishing. This is a must-do activity for everyone. With a bit of luck, you will be able to enjoy your fresh catch–it will become the best dinner you’ve ever had in your life.
  • Visit the natural sinkhole (cenote) “Ben Ha”. Also known as cenote “Sian Ka’an”, this is an open air natural sinkhole, so you might confuse it for a small lagoon.
  • Visit Boca Paila. Here you can witness a natural phenomenon where the sea and fresh waters from the neighbouring lagoon meet.
  • Swimming at Blanquizal. This is a real natural swimming pool right in the middle of the sea. It is surrounded by coral reefs and its floor is covered with fine sand that is white as salt.
  • Enjoy peace and quiet. Here you can relax next to a natural reserve, away from the crowds in an isolated and private environment that offers brilliant accommodation.
  • Taste the local cuisine. Not even in Cancún will you find seafood as fresh as you will here. It will literally come straight from the sea to your table, and the best thing is there are so many dishes to choose from.
  • Discover nights like no others, full of stars. Enjoy the most memorable moonlight parties and night walks around the local beach. Due to the lack of electric light at certain times of the night, this place is almost free from light pollution. This allows you to enjoy the most beautiful night sky that is simply packed with stars. Also, you will be able to sleep under those stars surrounded by melodic sounds of nature.

These are the three ways to get there.

1. You can travel on a “All terrain 4×4” vehicle from the biosphere reserve Sian Ka’an. This is the best and most practical option of transport as it fits well with your schedule. Even though it is a long journey, the amazing view of natural wonders will fill your senses throughout the trip.

2.  By land and then by sea. From Tulum, you can take a “Van” that departs at 2:00pm for Sian Ka’an. From there, there are boats that depart at 16:00pm and return the next day at 7:00am.

3. From the dock called “El Playon”. First you will have to make your own way to the town of “Felipe Carrillo Puerto”, which is one and a half hours from Tulum, then take a taxi, or if you are driving continue, to “El Playon”. Finally, use a taxi-boat that offers the destination of Punta Allen.

Things we recommend you bring with you for the trip are: A map of the area, binoculars, sun block, lunch and enough water. If you decide to hire a vehicle, consider a Jeep or all terrain 4×4 van, and remember to fill the tank. Click here for more information regarding available routes, admission cost and time tables, as well as the best places to visit in Punta Allen.

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