Sian Kaan Reserve Mexico

Sian Ka’an, the birth of heaven for the mayas

More than a paradisiacal place, more than a Biosphere Reserve, more than a World Heritage Site, Sian Ka’an is the gateway to the Mayan heaven

To the southeast of Quintana Roo is the most amazing hiding place for numerous archaeological remains and wildlife, found on little more than 650 hectares, it is Sian Ka’an, one of the most captivating natural reserves of Mexico that comprehends part of the municipality of Felipe Carrilo Puerto and of Tulum.

In its varied natural systems of red, black, white and gray mangroves we can find diverse species such as flamingos, crocodiles, sea turtles, manatees, spider monkeys and birds; in Sian Ka’an life seems to be magically generated in every corner: reefs, cays, beaches, marshes, lagoons and jungles, so it is not difficult to run into unusual creatures such as wild boar, deer tapirs, howler monkeys or big cats like pumas, ocelots and jaguars.

In the sea, there are hundreds of fish that give multicolored life to its warm waters; the existence of marine sponges, snails, starfish, sea urchins, natural lobster breeding sites and even dolphins, are a reflection of a healthy and abundant ecosystem that is part of the Great Mayan Reef.

Take some time to enjoy this paradiseon earth and later don´t forget to:

  • Swim in the coral reef, the Gran Cenote and in the crystalline waters of the Muyil and Chunyaxché lagoons that are also perfect for snorkeling, kayaking or diving.
  • Walk through the jungle, climb the Tower at this place, explore the wetlands and the archaeological zone is an all-in-one ride that you can only do here.
  • Enjoy every local dish and drink while you watch the birds.

You must consider that a natural reserve requires ecological awareness and good physical condition, so we recommend:

  • Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes;
  • Travel lightly
  • Hydrate constantly
  • Giong with small children could be not a good idea because the hikes are long
  • Using biodegradable repellants, sunscreens or bronzers
  • Respect and preserve at all times the environment and the living beings that live in this place.
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