kaan luum lagoon

Kaan Luum Lagoon

Anyone visiting the Riviera Maya will be able to appreciate the plethora of options to go swimming in this area. From the famous white sand beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, the coves like Akumal, teeming with marine life to the hundreds of fantastic cenotes unique to this area. But even an area as well known and thoroughly explored like the Riviera Maya can keep some secrets, and here we’re about to tell about one of the best kept ones: the Kaan Luum lagoon.

Its name means “yellow land” in Maya, but this wonderful place is best known for its stunning display of color. With its vibrant turquoise and emerald green waters, framed by the lush Mayan jungle and bright blue skies, Kaan Luum is nothing short of breathtaking. The only way into the lagoon is a wooden dock that stretches from the shore to a cenote inside the lagoon; the lagoon has no beach, so come prepared to leave your stuff on the dock and jump into its cool waters to escape the tropical heat.

Technically speaking, Kaan Luum is not located on the Riviera Maya, but a little outside of it. You’ll find this piece of paradise 12 kilometers West of Tulum, in the highway Tulum-Felipe Carrillo Puerto. This is a less traveled route, which has helped Kaan Luum remain hidden from the masses.

The Lagoon
The lagoon is pretty big, but swimmers usually stay in the area near the dock and the center of the lagoon is off-limits for swimmers; but don’t worry, Kaan Luum receives far less visitors than the beaches and cenotes near Tulum, so you’re sure to beat the crowds here. The water in this part of the lagoon isn’t deep, and the bottom is soft and sandy: you’ll be able to stand and even sit here. The cenote at the end of the dock is far deeper, reaching at least 80 meters deep! The cenote is very popular amongst SCUBA divers and freedivers from the area; but don’t worry, this area is fenced off so no one ends up here by accident (if you’re a freediver or SCUBA diver, don’t miss out on this epic dive!). Besides swimming, you can also explore de lagoon on a kayak or paddle board.

kaan luum Tulum

There are no restaurants or shops in or near Kaan Luum so come prepared for your visit: bring enough water to stay hydrated through the day and some snacks or lunch. Kaan Luum is an ideal place for a picnic! You must not forget to bring enough sunscreen but please try to bring a biodegradable one, the lagoon is a delicate ecosystem that we must all care for if we want it to endure. Bringing a hat is advisable too, there aren’t many places to hide from the sun here. 

Entrance Fees
$100 pesos for swimmers
$150 pesos for paddle, kayak, SCUBA divers and freedivers. (no SCUBA rental gear available here)
In case you want to use your drone here, there is a $150 pesos fee for it, but the resulting pictures will be worth it.
There is parking available on site, free to visitors. The walk between the parking lot and the dock is only 300 meters. 

9:00am to 5:00pm.

Sometimes they close a little bit earlier, this is entirely up to them, so we recommend you get there earlier in the day to get enough time here.
If you’re staying in the Southern part of the Riviera Maya, make an effort to visit Kaan Luum, Tulum’s best kept secret. Or if you’re visiting the archaeological sites of Coba or Tulum, make some time in your day to stop for a swim at this little slice of heaven.

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kaan luum lagoon

Kaan Luum Lagoon

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