Punta Laguna

Punta Laguna, one more precious secret in the Riviera Maya

A sanctuary for body and soul.

Punta Laguna is considered a natural reserve and is very well looked after by groups of native Mayan families. Its population only reaches a few hundred and is also home and sanctuary to the spider monkey. It’s also home to the “saraguato’ monkey, which despite of being a very timid type of primate and its population being relatively small, can easily be seen in its natural habitat if you take a guided tour with an expert of this place.

Punta Laguna is located in the borough of Chelmax, which coincides with the intersection of the two main roads that lead to the towns of Valladolid and Cobá coming from the town of Tulum. Punta Laguna takes its name from its geographical location, as it sits at the end of a beautiful lagoon which happens to be a hidden paradise tucked away from the noisy crowds of the main tourist resorts of the Riviera Maya.

We recommend you to start your adventure early during the day and to visit the jungle during the afternoon, as primates leave their homes during the morning in search for food and therefore it becomes harder to spot them. Here the monkeys are protected but, however, they are accustomed to socialising with the tourists who, at the same time, are encouraged to preserve the monkey’s natural habitat during their visit.

Canopy Punta Laguna

Here you have 5 Activities to enjoy a complete adventure in Punta Laguna.
As if all the amazing natural wonders, the peaceful environment and the wonderful biodiversity wasn’t enough reason to visit this place, Punta Laguna also offers to its visitors a huge range of activities to make your visit simply unforgettable. 

First, you have to request permission from the spirits of the jungle.
Besides of their advance knowledge in astronomy and mathematics, another aspect that characterised the Mayan civilisation was their devoted spiritual respect to their natural environment or habitat. It is for this reason, during a small ceremony, visitors are encouraged to request permission to enter the jungle to the “Aluxes”, little blue spirits that inhabit the jungle and whom represent the four cardinal points. 

Feel like a little monkey!
To be able to spot different species of primates, you will have to walk to the highest point in the jungle, there, you will appreciate how incredible it would be to have these hairy creature’s abilities to climb to the top of trees and be able to admire the fantastic view of this amazing place. This is why we recommend you to take a ride in the 240 meters long “Zip wire” travelling over and across the lagoon. 

Kayaking amongst alligators
Groups of locals offer kayaks and small boats for hire to visitors of the lagoon. If you think that trying your abilities with the paddles is not very exciting, you should know that these tranquil waters are home of a population of small alligators, but don’t fear as there is no real danger as long as you respect their environment and follow you tour guide’s instructions.

Go for a swim to the underworld.
Inland, you can continue your adventure as your tour guide can take you to a natural sinkhole (“cenote”) where you can abseil 12 metres down to the underworld. Don’t worry as you can hire the appropriate equipment here. Down in the “cenote”, you will be able to swim, snorkel or practice scuba diving in its clam and crystal clear waters. Don’t forget to reserve some energy for the way out of the “cenote”, as you will need to climb those 12 metres again using a rustic ladder made of wood and rope.

Contribute and help this Mayan community.
With your visit you are able to contribute not only to preserve the natural treasures of Punta Laguna but also help to the economy of this small Mayan community, so in your next visit don’t forget to:

  • Hire one the the local tour guides
  • Visit their modest museum where you can get information about the local flora and fauna and admire different archaeological objects exhibited here that came from 6 different pre-hispanic structures found in this place.
  • Take a photograph of yourself with a monkey.
  • You can request some of the local food to be cooked especially for you by some local Mayan ladies, and enjoy it after your visit.
  • Purchase local craftwork and other products such as: Honey, artistic woodwork, embroidered clothing, woven bracelets and more.

We advise you to bring comfortable clothing, some food, water, toilet tissue, insect repellent and biodegradable sunblock. Also remember to keep every place you visit clear of litter.

Not many tour operators visits this destination, however Cancun Elite offers a Private Excursion to Punta Laguna combined with a visit to Cobá

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